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Hazard Perception test

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Practise with the DVSA Hazard Perception clips as many time as you need. Test contains 34 CGI hazard perception revision clips.

Hazard Perception Test

Frequently asked questions

What is UK Theory Test like?

UK Theory Test examines whether a learner driver has enough theoretical knowledge to qualify for the practical driving test in order to obtain full UK driving licence. Each UK learner driver has to pass Theory Test before they are allowed to practical driving test.

UK theory test consists of 2 parts: multiple choice test with case studies and hazard perception test.

Car and motorcycle multiple choice test contains 50 questions and the pass mark is 43. In hazard perception section, you can get a maximum of 5 marks on each hazard. For car and motorcycle drivers the test contains 15 hazards and the pass mark is 44 out of 75 points.
DVSA introduced new case study questions in late 2020.

You must pass both parts of the Theory Test in order to pass. If you pass, you will receive a certificate which is valid for 2 years. If you fail, you can book your test again after 3 working days.

How to book your Theory Test?

We recommend you use the official theory test booking service (add link) to book your test or make changes to your appointment.

Here is what you will need when booking you DVLA Theory Test:

  • UK driving licence number
  • Email address
  • Credit or debit card The price for car and motorcycle theory test is £23.

Lorry and bus theory tests have separate pricing:

  • £26 for multiple choice questions part
  • £11 for hazard perception part
  • £23 for case studies part

At the time of booking your DVLA Theory Test remember to inform about possible reading difficulty, disability or health condition.

How to prepare for theory test?

The best way to prepare for your theory test is by reading the Highway Code and completing online practice tests offered on this website. Make sure you complete the tests from each category to be fully prepared for the official theory test. Our site offers latest DVSA revision question bank (the questions are licensed by DVSA). This means that you will have high chance of having similar questions in your real test. On this site you can also get access to all available for revision DVSA Hazard Perception Clips. We recommend you to practise hazard perception clips as many times as necessary to get a perfect understanding of how hazard perception test works and how to get full points in every clip.

What to expect at the theory test?

You will have 57 minutes to answer 50 multiple-choice questions (for car or motorcycle drivers). Before the test starts you will get the instructions and will have an opportunity to complete some practice questions. Some questions will be given in a case study form - you will see short video about some real life situation when driving and answer 3 follow up questions. If you are uncertain about some of your answers during the test, you can flag the question and come back to it later. It is also possible to review and change your answer to any question at any point. When you have completed multiple choice part, you can have a break of up to 3 minutes.

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