Road signs

Learn UK road signs with the DVSA revision questions. Here you can practice all the road signs.


UK road signs can be categorized into several distinct categories based on their purpose and the information they convey. Here are the main categories of road signs in the UK:

1. Regulatory Signs: These signs provide instructions and regulations that road users must follow. They include speed limits, no-entry signs, stop signs, one-way signs, and parking restrictions.

2. Warning Signs: Warning signs alert drivers of potential hazards ahead. They include signs for sharp bends, pedestrian crossings, animal crossings, slippery roads, and low bridges.

3. Information Signs: Information signs offer guidance and directions to road users. They include signs for motorway exits, destinations, tourist attractions, parking facilities, and services such as petrol stations and rest areas.

4. Direction Signs: Direction signs help drivers navigate and find their way to specific destinations. They include signs for towns, cities, motorways, junctions, and roundabouts.

5. Motorway Signs: These signs are specific to motorways and provide information about exits, lanes, services, and motorway regulations.

6. Temporary Signs: Temporary signs are used to provide information about roadworks, diversions, temporary speed limits, and other temporary conditions affecting the road.

7. Pedestrian and Cycle Signs: These signs are aimed at pedestrians and cyclists, indicating designated paths, crossings, and restrictions specific to their mode of transportation.

8. Hazard Markings: Hazard markings, such as chevron signs and reflective road studs, are used to highlight specific hazards and improve visibility on the road.

9. Road Markings: Although not signs in the traditional sense, road markings are essential visual cues on the road. They include lane markings, pedestrian crossings, and other markings that provide guidance and information to road users.

It is important for all road users to familiarize themselves with these different categories of UK road signs in order to navigate the roads safely and in accordance with the regulations and guidance provided.