ADI theory test

Practise for the approved driving instructor, ADI theory test. Here you can find all the DVSA ADI theory test revision questions.

  • DVSA revision ADI theory test
  • CGI Hazard perception test included
  • Same topics and similar questions to those in the actual ADI theory test

1Hazard Perception Test

  • Start the video by pressing the "start" -button.
  • Press the "Hazard!" -button when you see a developing hazard.
  • Do not press too many times or the system may stop recording your reactions.
  • When you press the "Hazard!" -button, a marker appears at the point where you pressed
  • At the end of the video, select "Show solution" and you see a time frame when the hazard appeared in the video
  • The number on the time frame displays the available score in each point, if you reacted to a hazard at the point where the number 5 is, you got full 5 points.
  • If you react to a hazard too early or too late (not inside the time frame), you get 0 points.
  • (In the live test, there is no "Hazard!" -button, just press somewhere over the video and your response is recorded.)
  • To have a smooth video playback, make sure your internet connection is at least 1mbps

2Theory Test